About us.

A five piece old school, tight, funky rhythm and blues outfit from Somerset, fronted by the most brilliantly talented and entertaining Jon Hooper growling out great vocals, blowing dirty gob-iron licks and spouting dodgy banter to the audience.


Joining him up the front is Joy Russell (aka Hippy Chick) who really lets it rip and often gets the stick from her sidekick. She has to keep on her toes wedged in between the chuckle brothers but she gives as good as she gets!


To her left, her hubster 'new bloke' Norm, who recently replaced Pete Lewis on guitar, gets into the darkest grooves and weaves his magic into the frame with wonderful tone and lovely licks. On Bass guitar Steve Colgan (aka Captain Mainwaring) holds down our root chakras, solid and true and a little drum roll for our fabulous organic juice-drinking drummer Gary Widlake with his beautiful champagne sparkle Gretsch kit from the sixties, keeping it tight and sweet.


They pride themselves for choosing songs that aren't mainstream and although you may not recognise the bulk of their repertoire it makes no odds, it's all in the feel and personality. Together on stage this 5 piece give it their all, and their sense of fun is infectious.

Last but not least, our sixth member of the band who quietly beavers away in the background and keeps well away from the stage lights, is our much loved and cherished sound man Rockin’ Dave Perry. Without his patience, reliability, knob twiddling skills and his devotion to creating us a great sound, we would be lost. Anyone who can put up with working with us divas for all these years deserves a medal but for now, we thank him from the bottom of our hearts and marvel in his abilities to being able to polish a turd or at least roll it in sprinkle

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